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Community Supported Agriculture

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COMMUNITY SUPPORTED AGRICULTURE (CSA) projects are an increasingly popular way for consumers to gain direct access to fresh, seasonal produce. A new Hudson Valley CSA Coalition facilitated by the Cold Spring-based Glynwood organization aims to encourage the growth of CSA programs and memberships in the region by offering a comprehensive, on-line guide to CSA farms. The organization's goal is “to make CSAs a familiar and accessible option for everyone.” Now, finding a CSA that matches individual needs (and budgets) just got easier.

How it works: To join a CSA, you buy a “share” or membership (usually before the growing season starts and often limited in number) that entitles you to a specified amount of fresh farm products on a set schedule (usually weekly or biweekly). Pickup of your bag or box typically is at the farm, but an increasing number of CSAs are delivering to pickup points off the farm for the convenience of members.

CSA members are guaranteed (barring some natural disaster) a set amount of fresh produce throughout the growing season. The farmer, meanwhile, receives a shot of working capital before the season begins--a critical time because most farmers receive no income until they start to harvest. The CSA model is being copied for other types of consumer products, such as flowers, wine and spirits, and it’s been adapted for special situations, such as distributing fresh produce to inner-city locations or to health- or elder-care facilities.

Joining a local CSA project is one way consumers can know for certain where, how and who is growing the food they’re eating, while simultaneously helping to strengthen the region’s agricultural economy by dealing directly with a local producer. It’s one of those rare win-win situations available to almost everyone.

The comprehensive list of CSAs that follows was compiled in conjunction with the Hudson Valley CSA Coalition. For more details, options and updates, be sure to visit


Abode Farm
10 Chair Factory Rd, New Lebanon
No synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. Uses Belgian draft horses as primary source of power. Vegetable share: $600-$800; half share: $400-$600. Sliding scale available. Pick-up: at farm, Tuesday, Friday.

Common Hands Farm
257 Stevers Crossing Rd, Hudson
Vegetable share. Large: $700; medium: $550-$650; small: $375-$425. Pick-up: Hudson Upstreet Market, Wednesday; Philmont Coop or Chatham Farmers’ Market, Friday; Hillsdale Farmers’ Market, Saturday.

Field Apothecary & Herb Farm
245 Main St, Germantown
Medicinal herbs. Approximately $150 per season. Pick-up at farm. Also, offers shipping.

Good Fight Herb Co.
253 1/2 Warren St., Hudson
Year-round Herbal share: $365

Hawk Dance Farm
362 Rodman Rd, Hillsdale
Assortment of heirloom vegetables grown using organic practices. Full share (3-4 adults): $600; half share (1-2 adults): $300. Pick-up at Copake Hillsdale Farmers’Market, Saturday.

Hawthorne Valley Farm
327 Rt 21C, Ghent
Demeter-certified biodynamic farm growing vegetables and fruit. Full vegetable share: $500-$550; half share: $275-$320. Fruit share: $205. Pick-up: at farm, Friday; at Riverdale, Inwood, and Garden City, Thursday.

Hearty Roots Community Farm
1830 Rt 9, Germantown
Top-quality, certified organic produce. Weekly vegetable share: $620; biweekly vegetable share: $330. Weekly egg share: $110. Pick-up: Red Hook, Tuesday; at the farm, Kingston or Woodstock, Wednesday.

Ironwood Farm
103 Country Rd 9, Ghent
Certified organic vegetable operation with specialty crops. Fruit and meat shares also available. Summer share: $500-$665 depending on size and location. Pick-up: Ghent, Saturday. In conjunction with Rivertown CSA, pick-up: Irvington and Sleepy Hollow, Saturday.

Letterbox Farm
4161 U.S. 9, Hudson
Collectively owned and operated farm. Vegetable, meat, eggs, flowers and herb shares available. Spring share: $315; summer share: $1,040; half-share: $575. Pick-up: on the farm, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

Lineage Farm
67 Pinewood Rd, Hudson
Vegetables grown without pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilizers. Large share: $510-$530; medium share: $410-$430; small share: $310-$330. Pick-up: Hudson, Wednesday; Croton and Poughkeepsie, Thursday; Brooklyn and White Plains Saturday.

Little Seed Gardens
PO Box 195, 541 White Mills Rd, Valatie
Certified organic vegetables and herbs. Full share: $500; half share (biweekly): $300. Beef shares also available. Pick-up: at gardens, Tuesday.

Miracle Springs Farm
709 County Rt. 11, Ancram
Developing biodynamic & organic family-owned farm growing over 120 different crop varieties and flowers. Vegetable shares $350-$700. Cheese shares $93.50-$186, once per month, renewable every 3 months. Pick-up: Friday at Amenia farmers' market or Saturday on the farm or at Millerton farmers' Market.

New Leaf Farm
15 Crystal Springs Dr, Lebanon Springs
June-November All crops grown organically, without the use of synthetic fertilizers and chemical sprays. Full share: $575; small share: $375. Subsidized shares also available. Flower share: $150. Pick-up at farm, Tuesday.

Red Oak Farm
1921 US Rt 9, Stuyvesant
Seasonal selection of certified organic vegetables, berries, fruit, herbs and teas. Members have option to select items in their share each week. Full share: $495. Half share: $260. Pick-up: Tuesday at Albany Public Library; Saturday on the farm or at Hudson farmers’ market.

Roxbury Farm
2501 Rt 9H, Kinderhook
Vegetable, fruit, beef, lamb and chicken shares. Vegetable share: $598-710 depending on payment method. Fruit: $75-$77; beef: $155-160; chicken: $130-$150; lamb: $118-122. Pick-up: on farm, Friday; at locations in the Capital District, Tuesday, and Westchester County, Wednesday.

Ten Barn Farm
1142 County Rt 22, Ghent
Organically grown vegetables. Shareholders choose from variety of items each week. Full share: $535; half share: $330. Flowers, fruit and breads available. Pick-up: Upstreet Farmers’ Market in Hudson, Wednesday; Millerton Farmers’ Market, Saturday.

Threshold Farm
16 Summit St, Philmont
Fruit grown using biodynamic practices and no chemicals. Share: about $200. Pick-up: on farm, Tuesday or Friday; at Woodstock Jewish Congregation, Wednesday.

Tiny Hearts Farm
1649 County Rt 7A, Copake
Large arranged bouquet of cut flowers, vase ready. Spring tulip share: $100; summer bunch share: $170; fall dahlia share: $150. Pick-up at farm flower shop, Friday and Saturday.

Trusted Roots Farm
402 County Rt 34, East Chatham
Vegetables and eggs grown with no herbicides or pesticides. Relies on compost, grazing animals, and cover crops for fertility. Full vegetable share: $550; working share: $450; small share: $350; egg share: $62-$116. Pick-up: on the farm Friday, Saturday.


Common Ground Farm
79 Farmstead Ln, Wappingers Falls
Nonprofit educational farm project. Ecologically grown without chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. Herbs, vegetables and flowers. U-pick share: $210. Pick-up: at farm, Wednesday, Saturday.

Diana Mae Flowers
Naturally grown, specialty cut flowers. Weekly share: $100-$200. Pick-up: TBD.

Fishkill Farms
9 Fishkill Farm Rd, Hopewell Junction
Seasonal fruit, vegetables and pick-your-own produce. Full share: $1,045; small share: $650. Egg and winter shares available. Pick-up: at the farm, Friday, Saturday.

Full Circus Farm
27 Mils Path, Pine Plains
Certified organic, horse-powered farm. Vegetable and fruit shares on sliding scale. Full share: $625-$725; half share: $400-$500. Pick-up: at farm, Tuesday, Saturday.

Great Song Farm
475 Milan Hill Rd, Red Hook
Seasonal vegetables and fruit shares as well as pick-your-own crops, flowers and herbs. Organic and biodynamic farm. Full share: $615. Biweekly and family size available. Pick up: on farm, Tuesday and Saturday. SNAP benefits accepted.

Hepworth Farms at Primrose Hill
23 Spring Brook Park, Rhinebeck
Partnership between Primrose Hill Farm Collective and Hepworth Farms. Allows children the opportunity to work with animals and vegetable gardening. Full share: $650; half share: $325. Fruit add-on available. Pick-up: Primrose Hill School, Tuesday.

Maitri Farm
143 Amenia Union Rd, Amenia
Certified-organic vegetables. Pasture-raised meat, eggs and winter share also available. Full share: $625; half share (biweekly): $340. Egg share: $65-$130. Meat share: $100-$300. Pick-up: on farm, Friday.

Meadowland Farm
689 Schultzville Rd, Clinton Corners
Vegetables and flowers. Vegetable share: $650; u-pick flower share: $120. Farm-raised lamb and pork also available. Pick-up: at farm, Friday evening.

Northwind Farms
185 W Kerley Corners Rd, Tivoli
All-natural, antibiotic-free meat and poultry. Multiple share sizes available. $85 for 8 to 10 pounds of meat; $125 for 10 to 12 pounds. Pick up: at farm, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday; Woodstock Farmers’ Market, Wednesday; Kingston Farmers’ Market, Saturday.

Obercreek Farm
59 Marlorville Rd, Wappingers Falls
Certified-organic produce and herbs as well as u-pick flowers. Full share: $550. Boxed delivery $50. Meat and eggs also available. Pick-up: at farm, Wednesday.

Poughkeepsie Farm Project
51 Vassar Farm Ln, Poughkeepsie
A nonprofit farm project offering weekly seasonal vegetables, berries and flowers. Full share: $859; half share: $467. Working share discount available. Fruit and winter shares available. Pick-up: on farm, Tuesday, Saturday.

Rock Steady Farm and Flowers
41 Kaye Rd, Millerton
Utilizes holistic and sustainable farming practices. Offers shares on a sliding scale. Full vegetable share: $650-$800; half share (biweekly): $350-$425. Limited working-share discount available. Flower share: $88-$275. Egg share: $78-$132. Pick-up: at farm, Saturday.

Sawkill Farm
7770 Albany Post Rd, Red Hook
Meat shares. Grass-fed beef, pastured poultry, lamb and heritage hogs. 10-pound share: $500; 15-pound share: $750. Pick-up: at farm, Tuesday, Friday.

Shoving Leopard Farm
845 River Rd, Barrytown (Red Hook)
Specialty flowers grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Spring share: $95; summer share: $200; fall dahlia share: $95. Pick-up: on farm, Sawkill Farm Market or Clove Kitchen Market, Friday.

Sisters Hill Farm
127 Sisters Hill Rd, Stanfordville
Vegetable shares on sliding scale. Full share: $695-$795; half-share (biweekly): $375-$425. Pick-up: on farm or at College of Mount St Vincent, Bronx, Tuesday.


Foxtail Community Farm
506 County Route 75, Greenville
Large vegetable share: $550; small: $450. Fruit share: $160. Egg share: $90. Chicken share: $95. Year-round shares also available. Pick-up: on farm, Thursday; in Delmar, Loudonville and Albany, Monday.

Stoneledge Farm
145 Garcia Ln, Leeds
USDA certified organic vegetables. Standard share: $535-$555 depending on location. Optional fruit, mushroom and coffee shares also available. Pick-up: on farm, Tuesday; multiple locations throughout Westchester County and metro-New York area.


Bialas Farms
74 Celery Ave, New Hampton
Summer and winter vegetable shares. Full and half share price: TBD. Pick-up: at farm, Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday.

Blooming Hill Farm
1251 Rt 208, Monroe
Organically grown vegetables. Fruit and plants also available. Market style CSA. Members receive 10% added value on investment. Full share: $500; half share: $250.

Gray Family Farm
261 Otterkill Rd, New Windsor
Members receive a weekly basket with a combination of meats (chicken, beef, pork), vegetables, eggs and specialty items. Full share: $1,275. Pick-up: on farm or in Highland Falls, Friday.

Peace and Carrots Farm
153 Johnson Rd, Chester
A variety of seasonal vegetables. Full share: $650 (four adult omnivores); half share (two adults): $390. Pick-up: at farm or at West Point, Monday.

Royal Acres Farm and CSA
621 Scotchtown Collabar Rd, Middletown
Certified naturally grown vegetables. No GMOs used on the farm. Full share: $540; half share: $270. Pick-up: at farm, Wednesday, Friday.


362 Glynwood Rd, Cold Spring
Regenerative practices. Vegetable, meat and egg shares. Full share: $740; half share (biweekly): $385. Meat and egg share: $1,000. Winter shares also available. Pick-up: at farm, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.

Longhaul Farm
69 S Mountain Pass, Garrison
Organically grown vegetables. Chicken, turkey, pork and eggs also available. Full share: $650; half share: $325. Pick-up: at farm, Tuesday.

Ryder Farm
400 Starr Ridge Rd, Brewster
Organically grown vegetables. Full share: $450; half share $300; biweekly share: $225. Pick-up: at farm, Wednesday.


Cropsey Community Farm
220 S Little Tor Rd, New City
Organically grown vegetables. Full share, on-farm pick-up: $750; off-farm pick-up: $790. Working-share discount available. Hungry Hollow Co-op, Nyack Farmers’ Market or the Valley Cottage Library. Cut-your-own flower or herb share: $100. Pick-up: on farm, Tuesday; Valley Cottage Library, Tuesday; Hungry Hollow Co-op of Nyack Farmers’ Market, Thursday.


Clove Valley CSA
81 Clove Valley Rd, High Falls
Hand-scale and no-till farm. Growing high-quality vegetables and herbs. Full share: $700. Pick-up: on the farm, Friday-Sunday.

Evolutionary Organics
283 Springtown Rd, New Paltz
Certified naturally grown heirloom vegetables, herbs, fruit and pasture-raised eggs. Market-style CSA. Suggested pre-payment: $350, replenish account as needed. Pick-up: at farm, Wednesday.

Huguenot St Farm
205 Huguenot St, New Paltz
Vegetable and fruit shares. Full vegetable share: $649; half-share: $440. Full fruit share: $165; half share: $95. Pick-up: at the farm, Thursday, Friday.

Kelder’s Farm
5755 Rt 209, Kerhonkson
May-October Vegetable, fruit, herbs and flower shares. Full share: $700; half share: $450; double share: $1,300. Meat shares also available. Pick-up: at the farm, Tuesday, Saturday.

Old Ford Farm
1359 Old Ford Rd, New Paltz
Produces vegetables, grass-fed raw milk and pastured eggs, pork, chicken and turkey. A flexible CSA model priced according to members of household. First adult: $370, additional adult: $300; kids $8 times their age. Pick-up: at farm, Wednesday.

Phillies Bridge Farm Project
45 Phillies Bridge Rd, New Paltz
Organically grown vegetables, herbs and flowers. Full season, big share (3 to 4 people): $700; small share (1 to 2 people): $450. Partial season shares also available. Pick-up: at farm, Tuesday, Saturday.

Second Wind CSA at Four Winds Farm
158 Marabac Rd, Gardiner
Certified organic and no-till. Full share: $600-$768. Also offers local fruit when available and optional local egg share. Pick-up: at the farm, Tuesday; in Garrison, Wednesday.

Solid Ground Farm
205 Hidden Valley Rd, Kingston
Uses organic and regenerative practices. Fruit and vegetable shares, $450-$550. Egg, mushrooms and maple syrup can be added on. Also raises pastured chickens and grass-fed beef. Pick-up: at farm, Tuesday, Saturday.

SustainAbility Farm
2880 Lucas Tpk, Accord
Organically grown vegetables. Full share: $595; half share: $295; 10-week share: $295. Pick-up: at farm, Thursday.

Taliaferro Farms
187 Plains Rd, New Paltz
Market-style CSA providing organically grown vegetables. Full share: $1,000; half-share: $550. Pick-up: at farm, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.


Fable: From Farm to Table
1311 Kitchawan Rd, Ossining
Sustainable agricultural practices. Provides fresh fruits and vegetables without pesticides. Fruit, vegetable and egg shares. Farmer's share: $750; forager's share: $500; gardener's share: $250. Pick-up: on farm Saturday, Sunday.

Harvest Moon Farm & Orchard
130 Hardscrabble Rd, North Salem
A variety of vegetables grown using organic practices as well as low-spray fruit. Milk, cheese, meat and flower shares also available. Full season, full share: $810; half-share: $450. Partial season, full share: $585; half-share: $325. Pick-up: at the farm store, Thursday.

Hemlock Hill Farm
500 Croton Ave, Cortlandt Manor
Vegetables grown with biodynamic, bionutrient and permaculture techniques. Animals raised hormone- and antibiotic-free. Vegetable share: $630. Egg share: $90. Whole farm (vegetable and meat) share: $1,800. Half shares available. Pick-up: at farm, Thursday.

Hilltop Hanover Farm & Environmental Center
1271 Hanover St, Yorktown Heights
Vegetable shares. Full share: $700; half share: $350. Pick-up: on farm, Tuesday, Thursday.

Peace and Carrots Farm at Groundwork HV
22 Main St, Yonkers
Vegetable shares on sliding scale: $350-$495.

Sweet Earth
20a Salem Rd, Pound Ridge
Flowers and herbs grown naturally without the use of synthetic chemicals. Flower and herb shares. Spring share: $125; summer share: $299; late summer dahlia share: $529. Pick-up: on farm, Friday, Saturday.

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