Hudson Valley Whiskey: Tasting Notes


Hudson Valley Whiskey: Tasting Notes

Eva Deitch

Black Dirt Bourbon
This whiskey is deep in flavor, spice, oak, grain; there are a myriad of drinks waiting to be mixed with this.


Wicked White
A blend of several grains, this whiskey has a subtlety that makes it very approachable and cocktail-ready.
Most Righteous Bourbon
A down-to-earth bourbon, great for a Whiskey Sour.
Otay Buckwheat
While technically not a whiskey (buckwheat is a cereal, not a grain), this drinks a little peaty, with mushroom-y notes. Good sipped or used in conjunction with a whiskey for new flavors in cocktails.


Corn Whiskey
Aged in used barrels, this is a smooth, fruit-focused corn whiskey, good even sipped.
Raw Rye Whiskey
This rye has lots of character, layered and surprising. It would be great for a cocktail, perhaps a Boulevardier.


Rye Dog Unaged Rye
Woodsy and herbal, this rye offers a wide range of aromas. Try it in a White Manhattan.
The layered, spicy bite of this whiskey makes it versatile to sip or mix.


Denning’s White Rye Whiskey
With its strong nose but smooth, fruitful palate, this rye would be great to experiment with in vodka-based cocktails.
Beacon Whiskey
Though distilled elsewhere, this whiskey is blended here. It offers loads of caramel and spice—great for beginners to sip before and after dilution or in almost any bourbon-based cocktail.


“John Henry” Single Malt Whiskey
This single malt presents interesting notes of apple, with big, up-front flavors and a soft finish. It may be sipped or perhaps used where Calvados would be in other cocktails.


Solera Aged Bourbon
A solera is a system of fractional blending; this whiskey shows a bit of complexity in an almost oxidative, sherry-like way. Sip this neat or with a large cube.
Double Cask Rye
This has a big rye flavor profile— deep and complex enough for the experienced, it would be an intriguing introduction for those new to rye, as
well. Great for sipping.


Corn Whiskey
Straightforward, corn-focused—a good example of the style. Use for mixing.
Unaged Single Malt Whiskey
The nose is a delicate peat, though there is a lot going on here. This single malt begs for cocktail experimentation.
Bourbon Whiskey
With a sweet, smooth entry, this is a good all-around bourbon. Pour it over a large cube or use in classic cocktails.
Rye Whiskey
This rye offers good complexity and a lovely interplay between spice notes and sweetness. It and would be great with a mixer.


287 Single Malt Whiskey
An interesting, unique single malt made using Captain Lawrence Freshchester Ale—you can taste the beer. Good for experimental sippers or in a beer cocktail.


Straight Bourbon Whiskey
An easy, accessible option, good for a punch-style cocktail.


Manhattan Rye
A good, spicy rye, with the bite one would expect. Try this sipped neat.
Four Grain Bourbon
This classically styled bourbon shows all the elements that a bourbon should have. The quintessential cold-day, fireplace sipper.
Maple Cask Rye Whiskey
This rye offers a subtle, delicate hint of maple (not surprising, since the aging casks are from Crown Maple syrup). Try this in a Black Manhattan.
Double Charred Whiskey
A blend of bourbon and rye, the “double charred” casks are rbnants of a fire at the distillery. It’s bold and smoky, with big flavors but a smooth finish. Easy to sip.

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