Pumpkin Carving Made Easy

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Pumpkin Carving Made Easy

Whether you take hours carving intricate spooky scenes into your Halloween pumpkin or go for the classic, toothless jack-o-lantern look, there are two factors that will almost totally determine the success of your artwork: First, you must have the right tools; and second, you must have the right tools.

Luckily for carving enthusiasts, Warren Cutlery Company, in Rhinebeck, offers a locally manufactured alternative to the mass-market, plastic orange carving tools that will flood grocery store shelves in waves come September. Featuring a black walnut handle, Warren’s Pro-Pumpkin Carving Kit ($20.99) includes three narrow and three wide mini-saw blade attachments that will accommodate almost any skill level or carving design challenge. The professional-grade kit also includes a wrench tool to switch blades safely and with ease. It’s available online and at the store in Rhinebeck. warrencutlery.com

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