Issue 62, 2013



Tea for two million. by Robin Cherry; photos by Susan Baker

Foraging & feasting.

Chef Brandon Collins, Farmer John Fazio. text & photos by Darryl Estrine


Editors's letter: Paradoxically speaking.

Good stuff: Gourmet pancakes; new hot sauce; new chocolates; Farm to Table award; beer bill; cider with hops; new vodka; dinner delivered; pizza on wheels and more.

Sustainable elements: Continental Organics; Fish & fine Amy Halloran.

New & Noteworthy: Clock Tower Grill; Sala on Hudson; Drink More Good; Hudson Valley Wine Market; El Solar; Tagine.

Locally grown: Generation next. by Keith Stewart

Eating by the season: Summer berries.

By the glass: Summer whites. by Steven Kolpan

Last page: Fair enough.

Events: March-May 13



Wild greens pesto (Dina Falconi/Foraging & Feasting)

Lemon balm brandy (Dina Falconi/Foraging & Feasting)

Quinoa with wild greens (Dina Falconi/Foraging & Feasting)

Berry flag cake (Agnes Devereux/The Village Tea Room)

Fazio Farms chicken, local beets and spring onion (Brandon Collins/Swift)

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