Galette des Rois

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Galette des Rois

Kings cake

A FRENCH TRADITION dating back hundreds of years, the galette des rois, or king cake, commemorates the Christian feast of the Epiphany, January 6. The holiday is particularly strong in New Orleans, where hundreds, if not thousands, of the special cake will be made beginning Christmas Day. In France, the date is marked by festivities and town celebrations—and more cakes.

Though the holiday may seem less significant here, the galette des rois, produced only for a limited time once a year, is still a special treat. Jean-Claude Sanchez, of Warwick’s popular patisserie of the same name, produces a galette des rois in Parisian style—a flaky puffed pastry, decorated with a gold crown, with an almond-cream filling and a special feve (a porcelain miniature imported from France) inside. The cake is available December through January.

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