Preferred Purveyors

Preferred Purveyors

Discover the culinary and artisanal products that are making the Hudson Valley a delicious food destination. Connect with these local producers and purveyors to ensure the very best products make their way to your table.
5 Spoke Creamery

What really is the meaning behind the name – 5 Spoke Creamery? There isn’t a simple answer; like any great cheese, it’s complex. The unifying theme, though, is the bicycle. Great cheese starts with great milk. At 5 Spoke Creamery, all cheeses are hand made from the raw milk of Grass-fed Jersey Cows. The milk comes from cows free of pesticides and hormones. The perfect addition to your cheese boards!

Argyle Cheese Farmer

In 2007 Marge and Dave Randles built the Cheese House on Dave’s family farmstead in Argyle, which had been in operation since 1860. There they crafted a product line of high-quality cheeses, yogurts, buttermilk, smoothies, and many other delicious dairy products. For many years they successfully marketed their products directly from the “Cheese House” in Argyle, at Farmer’s Markets around the region and in New York City, and in other local retail establishments, and restaurants. In 2020 Argyle Cheese Farmer partnered with Ideal Dairy Farms and expanded into a new processing facility in Hudson Falls. Today, they are eager to share their quality products as well as their values and passion for dairy farming with even more families!

Coppersea Distillery

Coppersea Distilling is an award-winning farm distillery in the Hudson Valley crafting fine whiskey and eau de vie from locally sourced grain and fruit. The heritage distilling process they utilize (no industrial enzymes here), uses direct-fire copper stills, resulting in straight whiskeys and bourbons of the nutty, roasty, malted variety.

Crown Maple

The story of Crown Maple begins with Robb and Lydia Turner, and their desire to find a retreat for their family. Their search brought them to New York’s Hudson Valley, which Robb had fallen in love with during his time at West Point. Robb did not set out to become the preeminent maple producer. Having grown up on a farm, Robb became inspired by the opportunity to create a higher quality maple. This inspiration sparked the passion that created a new maple standard, Crown Maple. 


Chef Leslie Woodward, CEO/Creator of Edenesque, has been passionate about clean eating, local and seasonal foods for over 20 years. Edenesque is a black-owned and woman founded business started from the grassroots desire to make a positive change around food and health in underserved communities. Their Nut Milk is 40% nuts and Oat Milk is made with love from local oats in the Hudson Valley. Separation is a natural process when there are no additives, preservatives, or stabilizers. Just pure nut milk non-dairy beverages. 

Fable: From Farm to Table

Located in the beautiful and historic Hudson Valley, Fable is a farm and food hub dedicated to sustainable agriculture and education. We believe that through dedication, hard work, and modern technological advancements in agriculture, we can provide the freshest produce all year round without the use of harmful pesticides. From our farm to your table, Fable’s crops are sustainably grown in the Hudson Valley and truly set the standard of excellence in local fruit and vegetable production.

Forza Forni

Forza Forni represents the most respected Italian wood fired cooking companies in North America. As the exclusive distributor for storied brands such as Pavesi (since 1969), Acunto (since 1892), and Castelli (since 1966); Forza Forni stocks, builds and services product lines with a combined existence of over 250 years of company product development.

Highland Farm

Highland Farm, your local source for responsibly farm-raised venison products and other game meats. Supplying quality fresh and smoked products at reasonable prices to individuals, grocers and restaurants throughout the Hudson Valley and around the country.

Hodgins Harvest

Hodgins Harvest is a certified organic mushroom farm located in Rockland County, NY. They grow oyster, lion's mane, black poplar, chestnut & other specialty mushrooms for the local community.

Hudson Valley Cold Pressed Oils

Family owned & operated by the Haights, Hudson Valley Cold Pressed Oils was established in 2014 and its first bottle of oil was launched in the fall of 2015. Offering full flavor, nutritional value and many health benefits with their various flavored oils.

LMNOP Bakery

After getting the sourdough bug, founder Anne couldn’t stop baking more bread, always wanting to try a different approach and trick to improve the next batch. Fortunately, she found that other families in Bedford were also craving good bread, word spread, and a year later LMNOP Bakery was created. At this time, LMNOP is now baking out of Mast Market, 92 S. Moger, Mt Kisco, as they work on an actual storefront and larger production capabilities for the near future in Katonah.

Lynn's Life Bakery

Lynn's Life are yummy gluten free, grain free, dairy free, nut free PALEO/KETO breads/bagels and cracker mixes all created with passion and intention to help others that are on a food sensitive lifestyle. Our belief is that food is what nourishes us and creates a healthy mind and body.

Merchant's Daughter

At the very heart of Merchant’s Daughter Premium Hard Ciders is the idea of sharing a delicious meal, great conversation, and laughter with friends and family. Check out a few of our recipes and entertaining ideas which pair so perfectly with Merchant’s Daughter. 

Milea Estate Vineyard

Located in one of the oldest wine growing regions in the country, Milea Estate Vineyard is in the heart of the fertile Hudson Valley, only 80 miles north of New York City. The estate is nestled among the beautiful rolling hills to the east of the Hudson River and surrounded by streams, horse pastures, dairies, orchards and other vineyards – a rural bounty that places the Hudson Valley at the center of the nation’s most exciting and diverse farm to table movement. Milea Estate Vineyard consistently produces crisp, balanced and approachable wines that pair elegantly with food and are best shared with friends and family. Visit the vineyard to indulge in award-winning wines and the picturesque countryside that Milea Farm is proud to help cultivate. 

Mill House Brewing Company

Mill House Brewing Company opened in the Fall of 2013. Located in the rehabilitated Mill House, Mill House Brewing Company offers a warm, historic and visually appealing setting, casual, yet professional service, food cooked from as close to the source as possible, and artfully crafted ales. For our team, this means the commitment to the amazing farmers, cheese makers, and other artisans that make the Hudson Valley such an amazing place to live.

New York Beef Council

The mission of the New York Beef Council is to enhance the lives of consumers by connecting them with beef and the beef community.

Orange County Distillery

Orange County Distillery is the result of what happens when two small business owners have the same long four month off-season. Almost all operations take place within a small 1600 square foot barn. They will bottle and sell their spirits only when they are completely sure that you’ll not only want to buy one bottle, you’ll want to come back and buy another.

Patrice & Associates

Whether you are a candidate looking for a job, or a client looking for great staff, it takes a lot of time, effort and persistence. Candidates & clients have similar issues – how to get noticed, attract the best options, maintain the other party’s interest throughout the process, and seal the right deal, well Patrice & Associates are here to help!

Phoenicia Honey Co.

Founded in 2014 in Phoenicia NY, Phoenicia Honey Company is based at Amira's Farm, where bees are raised, and plants are grown organically and with love. Our Queen Bee is a Chef, Beekeeper and avid gardener, our products are carefully crafted to bring out the best in your food.  They are made in small batches and filled with locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. Our flavorful infused honeys are a great way to give your food and drinks an extra wow! They're a wonderful accent to cheese, fruit and even chicken or fish.

Ram's Valley

Ram’s Valley is a Hudson Valley producer of Caribbean sauces and beverages, using simple, fresh ingredients sourced from local farms. Owner Richard “Ram” Rajkumar grew up in Trinidad and currently resides in Kingston.

Red Maple Vineyard

Red Maple Vineyard is a dairy farm turned family-owned-and-operated venue and winery in West Park, NY. Gary and Liz Stone specialize in farm-to-table events sourcing produce from their organic veggie garden and featuring estate-made wines, mead, cider, and beer made with the sap from our maple trees.

Ronnybrook Dairy Farm

The New York Times described Ronnybrook Farm's products as the “Dom Perignon” of dairy. Over the past 25 years, the name Ronnybrook has become synonymous with high quality super-premium dairy products, expanding its product line to include its highly acclaimed chocolate milk, Creamline™ yogurt, drinkable yogurt, European Style Butter (84%-86% butterfat), crème fraiche, sour cream, egg nog, buttermilk and ice cream.

Sloop Brewing Company

Founded in 2011 by Adam Watson and Justin Taylor. Grounded in the craft and tradition of brewing. Open to adventure and the pursuit of new beers, new tastes, and new experiences. Sloop started selling beer from farmer’s market to farmer’s market across the Hudson Valley. In 2014, they opened their first production facility in a Dutch post & beam barn in Elizaville, NY, and in 2018, Sloop opened a brand new 25,000 square foot facility in East Fishkill’s former IBM plant. Named for the boats that once moved people and cargo up and down the Hudson, Sloop is excited to be a part of the growing upstate craft movement and a growing upstate economy.

Solex Catsmo

Buy premium quality delicacies including the finest locally-produced smoked salmon, wild game, imported truffle products, and outstanding caviar and imported seafood. Solex Fine Foods (Solex Catsmo) is committed to providing the highest quality ingredients coupled with exemplary service. By applying such standards for our customers’ diverse range of culinary needs, whether for a single ingredient or an entire meal, we consider ourselves a true partner in helping you create exceptional culinary masterpieces. Our range now includes escargots, langoustines and artisan cheese

Taconic Distillery

Taconic Distillery, established in 2013, is a purveyor of fine craft spirits located in the Hudson Valley of New York. We handcraft our award-winning bourbon and rye whiskies in small batches using the finest ingredients, including grains grown in New York and natural spring water from our farm. Inspired by hunting and fishing, Taconic embraces a passion for the outdoors and that passion is imprinted on all our spirits.

Upstate Farms

As a cooperative of over 300 family-owned farms, some of which have been in existence for six generations, Upstate Farms is dedicated to dairy. We’re also dedicated to your needs, like wanting the freshest local food. It’s why our cooperative is committed to delivering quality, delicious milk to your kitchen just days after it’s left our farms.

Whitecliff Vineyard

Whitecliff Vineyard & Winery celebrates its 20th vintage year in 2018. As one of the Hudson Valley's largest vineyards with over 20 varieties of grapes planted onsite, Whitecliff boasts beautiful views of the Shawangunk Ridge from its location in Gardiner. Owners and founders Michael and Yancey Migliore offer European Vinifera varietals such as Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc and Riesling, as well as new hybrids.

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