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Spirited Development

“Hudson Valley Distillers may have started small, but our spirits have been very well received and we just can’t keep up with demand using our current equipment.” So says Tom Yozzo, co-founder and head distiller at Hudson Valley Distillers in Clermont.

Widespread praise for the company’s products, including a Best in Class Vodka award at the 2016 Spirits Conference and Vendor Expo in April, has spurred the two-year-old company to “expand the wholesale side of the business in a meaningful way,” according to Chris Moyer, co-founder and business manager. The quarter-million- dollar project includes adding a new building and equipment. The distillery produces vodka, applejack, bourbon and whiskey.

What's Old Is Old Again
Maybe there is a conjunction of some odd stars up in the heavens that’s sending some wacky vibrations our way, because lately I’ve been running into more then just a few old friends...

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