Issue 38, 2007



Pumpkins (Erica Hauser)


Eat local and laugh: The psychology of sustainable eating. by Todd Essig

Strength in numbers. by Abby Luby


Good stuff: The Hudson in art; Agricultural co-pay; Guided Tour of America wrap-up; "Eat local" recipe contest.

October-November 07 Events


Openings: El Tumi; Le Baron Restaurant; Aroi Thai; Toro.

Seasonal beer picks: Rogue's "Half-E-Weizen" and Festive Ale; Dogfishhead's Punkin Ale.

Locally grown: Kobe and the killdeer. by Keith Stewart

Fabulous farms, food, and markets.

Reader survey: Tell us what you think.

Up close: Carol Clement of Heather Ridge Farm. by Anne Dailey

Eating by the Season: A potato is a potato is a potato. by Anne Dailey

By the glass: Sparkling wines for the holidays. by Steven Kolpan

Up close: Mike Scannell and Joan Harris of Harrier Fields Tracy Frisch

At home in the kitchen: Bronx kitchen with a (point of) view.

The kitchen garden: The garden in autumn. by Barry Ballister

Saving the season: Can you dig it? by Anne Dailey

What's fresh: Winter squash; beets; onions; pears; Brussels sprouts. by Anne Dailey


Plum, peach and blueberry pie (Erica Hauser)

Pork and chestnut stew (Carol Clement / Heather Ridge Farm)

Potato salad with hen of the woods saute (Chef Pierr-Luc Moeys / Oriole 9)

Frisco (potato pancake) (Chef Raul Rivas / Le Baron)

Harvest vegetable soup (Barry Ballister)

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